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Wood types used in furniture
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Wood types used in furniture
Wood types used in furniture
Type 1: oak wood
Oak wood is one of the most used types of home furniture, and it is of two types; Red and white. This type of wood is characterized by its hardness, ease of formation and manufacture. However, it is a little expensive. White oak is distinguished by its attractive color and ability to resist moisture, so it is more desirable and widespread than red oak, and it is frequently used for outdoor furniture.
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Type 2: beech wood
It is also one of the distinctive and beautiful types that are used in furniture, especially in classic and luxurious furniture, which is easily decorated. It is characterized by its toughness and durability (for this reason it is used in table poles and cabinet ends) and its water resistance. So it is very expensive.

Type 3: Mosaic (or Swedish) wood
It is considered one of the most used types of furniture manufacturing, because of its hardness and its cheapness, and is characterized by the presence of knots in its parts in a large way. And it is imported largely from Russia. Usually, seat structures are classified. شركة نقل اثاث بالقصيم

Type 4: MDF wood

MDF (or compact wood) is an acronym “medium-density fibrous wood”, which is a type of synthetic wood that is made from natural wood residue or pressed carton. Where this type of wood is used widely in furniture, where this type of wood is characterized by its strength, longevity, and its cheapness. However, it defects its ability to absorb water, which leads to damage, as it must be preserved from the access of water in any way.

Type 5: latte wood
It is a kind of pressed wood, as it is manufactured by placing several slices of natural wood, and it is covered with veneer and pressed together. This kind of wood is widely used in home furniture, such as kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes (especially interior wall walls)شركة نقل اثاث بالدمامشركة نقل اثاث بالقصيم
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