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What's the online markiting?
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What's the online markiting?
What's the online markiting?
E-marketing is a common field on the Internet, e-Marketing can be defined as a type of marketing for a specific good or service on the Internet, i.e. companies' products are displayed on the Internet and the process of buying and selling through the Internet is done through various marketing channels, As the Internet now occupies an important part of our daily life, as it is an important source for obtaining information, competition in that traditional media in publishing news or information such as newspapers, magazines, and audio and audio broadcasts, besides considering this network an important source of knowledge, it is possible and with the development of means Assistive technology in this, it has become possible to create a new space that can be invested in the marketing of some goods or services and aids and the development of various methods that support the marketing process and its spread faster through the Internet.

The idea of ​​e-marketing is focused on "how to harness technology to make marketing more effective, and to attract the attention of individuals." All of this depends on good management of commercial campaigns, the best product, and marketing design, as research has proven that more than 80% of network users have made deals by mailing ads. On the Internet, this is more like a commercial marketplace for web marketing.
انشاء فيديوهات اعلانية
Examples of marketing websites (www.amazon.com), which is the most famous, as well as (www.ebay.com) and many others.ماهي انظمة ادارة المحتويانشاء فيديوهات اعلانية
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